Deadpool: colonna sonora

Ecco i dettagli della colonna sonora di Deadpool, ovvero del super eroe piĆ¹ logorroico e schizofrenico del mondo Marvel! L'album contiene musica originale del film composta da Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL (Mad Max: Fury Road, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice), presenti inoltre le tracce di DMX, Wham! e Salt-N-Pepa, presenti anche nei trailer. Le anteprime su Amazon a questo link.

Ecco i titoli:

1. Angel of the Morning by Juice Newton
2. Maximum Effort by Junkie XL
3. Small Disruption by Junkie XL
4. Shoop by Salt-N-Pepa
5. Twelve Bullets by Junkie XL
6. Man In A Red Suit by Junkie XL
7. Liam Neeson Nightmares by Junkie XL
8. Calendar Girl by Neil Sedaka
9. The Punch Bowl by Junkie XL
10. Back To Life by Junkie XL
11. Every Time I See Her by Junkie XL
12. Deadpool Rap by Teamheadkick
13. Easy Angel by Junkie XL
14. Scrap Yard by Junkie XL
15. This Place Looks Sanitary by Junkie XL
16. Watership Down by Junkie XL
17. X Gon’ Give It To Ya by DMX
18. Going Commando by Junkie XL
19. Let’s Try To Kill Each Other by Junkie XL
20. Stupider When You Say It by Junkie XL
21. Four Or Five Moments by Junkie XL
22. A Face I Would Sit On by Junkie XL
23. Careless Whisper by WHAM!

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